SWIFT is a strength-based program to support students with behavioral health needs. The SWIFT team provides behavioral health services to students and their families in school, home, and community settings. The team works closely with parents, other caregivers, teachers, and school staff to coordinate treatment supports.

The Oregon Social Learning Center is conducting a randomized controlled trial of the SWIFT program with funding support from the Institute of Education Sciences. Click here for more information on SWIFT RCT. 

Treatment Information

SWIFT includes youth skills coaching, parent coaching, and teacher support, all coordinated by a Program Supervisor.

  • Each student meets weekly with a youth skills coach to practice skills related to school success (e.g., managing emotions, following classroom expectations, study skills, friendship skills).
  • The student’s parent meets weekly with a Parent Coach to problem-solve the home- and school-related needs of the student
  • The Program Supervisor talks with the student’s teacher weekly to coordinate interventions and supports across home and school settings.


Where does treatment take place? Clients are served in school, home, community, and clinic settings. Most youth skills coaching occurs at school so that students can practice skills at school.

What will treatment cost? SWIFT services are paid for by the Oregon Health Plan or the SWIFT RCT (details here). There are no out-of-pocket charges for treatment.

Can we participate in treatment over the summer? Most families continue SWIFT services during the summer. Activities during the summer are designed to help students maintain gains and practice new skills for the upcoming school year.

SWIFT Contact Information

Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC)
Developments, Inc.
10 Shelton McMurphey Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97401
(On the corner of 4th & Pearl)