FAIR is an intensive, outpatient, home- and community-based program designed for parents experiencing challenges related to parenting, substance use, and mental health problems. Many parents who receive FAIR services are involved with child welfare for neglect and substance use. Many parents referred to FAIR experience challenges with opioid and or methamphetamine use disorder.

PRE-FAIR, on the other hand, is a program for parents without an opioid or methamphetamine use disorder.  PRE-FAIR is designed for parents in need of support with mental health, parenting, and other related family needs. PRE-FAIR clients might use other non-opioid or non-methamphetamine drugs or no substances at all.

FAIR and PRE-FAIR are strengths-based and trauma-informed, and serve all of Lane and Douglas Counties. Neither program is designed for alcohol use as the primary substance of concern. The same FAIR team serves both PRE-FAIR and FAIR referrals.

Treatment Information

Treatment planning is individualized to fit the unique circumstances and needs of parents. When appropriate, FAIR coordinates with child welfare staff to ensure that parents are meeting their child welfare treatment plan goals. Parents are rewarded for working toward their treatment goals that increase child safety. The model allows for delivery of evidence-based practice within a flexible environment including meeting times and places. Sessions often occur in the community where clients have the opportunity to practice success, and other places most likely for parenting to occur (e.g., home, school, playground, campsite).

Treatment involves five major components:

  1. Teaching and supporting parenting skills, including nurturing and attachment, reinforcement, emotion regulation, supervision, non-harsh discipline, and nutrition
  2. Delivering substance abuse treatment or prevention services, including contingency management and positive reinforcement, frequent urinalysis, relationship building, day planning, healthy environments and peer choices, and refusal skills
  3. Delivering mental health treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy, coping skills, emotion regulation strategies, exposure therapy, and other trauma-informed treatments
  4. Resource building and provision of ancillary supports, including assistance navigating housing, employment, support with court and child welfare attendance
  5. 24/7 on-call support and ongoing engagement strategies

To implement and integrate these 5 components into one model, the FAIR team includes a clinical supervisor, counselors, and a resource builder.

Opportunity to Participate in PRE-FAIR Evaluation

There is an opportunity to help us evaluate the effectiveness of PRE-FAIR for young parents. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in parenting, mental health, and case management support, and if relevant assistance with prevention of addiction.

What Does it Mean to Volunteer to Participate?

Parents who are referred are screened for eligibility.

Half of the eligible volunteers will receive PRE-FAIR.

The other half will be referred to the regular services already available in the community.

All participants will be interviewed for two years. At the first session, and periodically, these interviews will be in-person and take a couple of hours. Usually, the interview will be a brief 15 minute or less phone call. 

Volunteers will be compensated up to $920 in the form of gift cards for their time completing the interviews.

Participation in the PRE-FAIR evaluation is completely voluntary, and interview responses are kept separate from your clinical chart so that no one, including the FAIR counselor, case worker, or other provider has access to the responses.

To be eligible to participate in the PRE-FAIR research study, volunteers must:

  • Have a child, 0-18 years old (pregnant moms are welcome!)
  • Be 16-30 years old
  • Have contact with, or risk for contact with, ODHS Child Welfare or Self-Sufficiency (open case not necessary)
  • Be enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan
  • Have not misused opioids or used methamphetamine more than 3 times in the last 12 months
  • Not have a primary concern with alcohol abuse

About the FAIR Clinic

The FAIR office and FAIR Stores are located at OSLC Developments, Inc. in Eugene and at Juniper Tree Counseling in Roseburg. Most sessions occur in the community throughout Lane and Douglas Counties. FAIR and PRE-FAIR are offered in English and Spanish languages. Interpreter services are available for additional languages. All are welcome. For more information or to make a referral, contact:

Lane and Douglas Referrals and Screening: 541-844-8532 (centralized screening line)

Lane County Clinical Supervisor: 541-485-2711

Douglas County Clinical Supervisor: 541-852-7620

Our Location

Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC)
Developments, Inc. – Lane County
10 Shelton McMurphey Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97401
(On the corner of 4th & Pearl)
(541) 485-2711


Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC) Developments, Inc. – Douglas County

352 S Calapooia St, Ste B
Sutherlin, OR 97479

*FAIR and PRE-FAIR also are available in Lincoln, Benton, and Linn Counties. Contact the centralized referral and screening line for more information. Referrals and Screening: 541-844-8532